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Christna by molee
by molee

An absolutely remarkable and masterful piece! It speaks volumes about the parallels of religions around the world, and how all religion...


Vishwaroopa by El-Sidonator
At the battlefield of Kurukshethra, where the righteous 5 Pandava brothers, lead by noble Arujna and Krishna, the avatar of God, would face their jealous 100 cousins, the Kaurava, for ownership of the kingdom of Hasthinapura, the mighty Arjuna's heart quivered at the sight of his vast, mightily armed enemy-kin. He refused to fight, for killing kin is sin. Then, the wise Krishna blew his conch thre...e times and paused all space time, except for himself and Arjuna, who could still move. Krishna then said to him what future generations would reverently name, the Bhagavad Gita: "The Song of God": "Yield not to this unmanliness, O Partha (Arjuna), for it does not become thee. Cast off this petty cowardice and arise, O Arujna... The soul is immortal, a piece of Brahman (God) himself, and cycles through bodily existence like worn out clothes... Weapons do not cleave it, fire does not burn it... It is impossible to truly kill them. So what have ye to fear?... It is your dharma (duty) as a kshathryia (warrior) to slay evil for the cause of justice; shirk from your duty, and you will suffer humiliation worse than death... Either slain thou shalt go to heaven; or victorious thou shalt enjoy the earth. Therefore, arise, O Son of Koonthee (Arjuna), and fight." Then, the Dark-Skinned One (Krishna) blew his mighty conch, and all space time vibrated; his eyes glowed like radiant moon beams. Behind him, the very fabric of space warped and undulated; it slowly took shape and form: his Vishwaroopa, his true form, was being revealed to the lowly Arjuna. The titanic being filled all expanse of space; his eyes shined with the brilliance of a thousand splendid suns; the very stars and galaxies adorned his onyx, jet-black skin; his thousand arms wielded all weapons imaginable, his billion faces representing all creatures on heaven and earth conceivable; his breathing reverberated all space time. Arujna cried and bowed in awe, fear, and reverence. Then, the smiling Krishna approached his lowly devotee, and touched the crown of his head with his index finger and his chest with his hand, and using all his godly power, finally showed to Arjuna his inner life-giving spark; that which survived countless deaths and rebirths, that which is immortal, his Brahman: his inner God. That sacred light shone within Krishna's heart as well, and finally, within the heart of the titanic being behind them. Arjuna finally saw for the first time: He saw, that which is absolute, pure, and eternal for all time: "Aham Brahmasi": God is Within.


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United States
Hey there! My name's Sid, and I love to draw. Art's a favorite hobby of mine, and I hope to expand it to newer heights. I'm more of a realistic illustrator/drawer than anything else, and currently, that's the only artform I know. I really want to learn how to paint, and maybe one day, I might have one of my pieces at a local gallery! Hope you enjoy my pieces, and please comment! Feedback is especially valued.

I have no problem of you reposting my work, but PLEASE comply with copyright laws and give me the due credit for any and/or all pics you take from my site.

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